“Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.” – Angela Lee Duckworth

Read the news lately? Here are a few recent headlines:                                                                                  

‘The Virus Will Kill Thousands’, ‘Recession Is Now Officially Here’, ‘Report Says Petrol Prices Could Soon Top Twenty Rand’, ‘Massive Retrenchments at XYZ Company’, ‘Inflation Soars’, ‘The Rand Collapses’ and ‘Interest Rates Will Increase’.

While the world seems to be falling around us, a small group of enlightened individuals realise and accept that business is cyclical and that we will always live in a permanent balance of boom times or recession.

My seven recommended ways to manage and handle the tough times:

  1. You and you alone are responsible for your response

No matter how difficult or frustrating a situation is, only you can control how you react. You can reflect, evaluate, strategise, and make a decision. You can’t control the situation, but you do have full control over how you respond to it. There is tremendous power in accepting circumstances and taking full responsibility to improve it.

  1. Ask yourself, ‘What is the opportunity here, and how am I benefiting from this experience?’

In every single situation, there is an opportunity. What is your challenge telling you? Do you need to repair a relationship? Should you change the way you do business? Find new resources? Your response and solution to tough times will always take you to the next level. This approach is empowering.

  1. Do your very best and let life and the Universe take care of the rest

When times are difficult, it’s more important than ever to pursue excellence. Focus on what you can control and execute brilliantly.                                        Then go home and release it. Don’t stress – switch off – the situation will always be waiting tomorrow.

  1. Disengage from the noise

Find some peace and quiet. Spend time in nature or with your family. Go to an art gallery or listen to music. Get away from the noise and chatter of the situation. This is a time to be calm and rejuvenate your spirit, soul, and energy levels.

  1. Don’t take tough times personally

Remember, a tough time is an event, not a person. You are not alone in the lifeboat.

  1. Take great care of your health

Challenging situations can energise us. They can also wear us down. Be sure to work out, eat healthily, and consume lots of water. And rest well!

And don’t forget: the tough times will endWill you be ready to take advantage of the good times?

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.” – Dolly Paton