“Eighty-five percent of the reason you get a job, keep that job, and move ahead in that job has to do with your people skills and people knowledge.” – Cavett Robert

In tough economic times, it is not a good thing to be unemployed. And if you are lucky enough to have a job, you don’t want to do anything that jeopardizes it. It is always better to have a job than not. Work is a significant part of your time; it takes up a third of your life and half of the time that you are awake.

Fact: Most people don’t lose their jobs through incompetence or even poor job performance, but rather because of personality conflicts with the boss, supervisor, or colleagues. Poor interpersonal and social skills are the biggest reason for failure in the workplace and relationships than any other factor. Try hard to leave your ‘eccentric’ character flaws at home.

While at work, remember that it is always through good teamwork that your company succeeds. Always look for ways you can cooperate and help other colleagues. Assist them with things you may be better skilled at doing like writing reports, computer work, crunching numbers, setting up more efficient systems, improving administration, or dealing with unhappy customers. Always remember – the team still gets more done as a whole, than any individuals can alone.

An individual with the right attitude towards colleagues, with a desire to always do more than what is expected of them and a positive mindset towards the company, is worth their weight in gold.

These are the people who will always be employed.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius