“One kind word can warm three winter months.” -Japanese Proverb

There are no nicer or more powerful phrases in the English language to use than the following:

  • Thank you
  • I am proud of you
  • I appreciate you, or I appreciate your efforts

These magical words not only make other people feel good, but they serve as a strong motivational force. But, if saying thank you, I am proud of you, and I appreciate you are so powerful, why don’t we say them more often? 

Do we forget to do so because we are too preoccupied with ourselves? Has this silenced our voice of gratitude and appreciation?

Here’s the good news: developing the habit of saying these powerful words not only benefits others but, like all gifts we give, it benefits ourselves as well. 

Use them often and use them with meaning.

“The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” -William James