I received the following email comment from a lawyer who subscribes to my newsletter: “I did not go to law school to be a salesman”. 

There aren’t many doctors, lawyers, dentists, financial advisors, consultants, or any professional service providers who said to themselves, “I want to start a business so I can be in sales”.

But the reality is that if you can’t close prospects, deals, and clients, you will struggle no matter how good you are at delivering your service and expertise.

Many people, especially at seminars, don’t like it when I point out that reality. Still, it doesn’t make it any less accurate.

The better you get at marketing and selling yourself, the more money you’ll make, the less stress you’ll have, and the more people you’ll help with what you do best.

Fact: All professional service providers are in marketing. Their expertise or service niche is the industry in that they serve. The moment that they understand that they are primarily marketers, that is the moment that their business or practice grows. The best marketer wins most clients.

“Everyone lives by selling something.” – Robert Louis Stevenson