Fewer meetings, fewer resources, fewer people, fewer constraints, and smaller budgets.

The biggest advantage that a small business has, is the immediate and direct contact between owner and client. And vice versa.

Small business does not have big company constraints like group policies, group strategies, group thinking, and group leverage. The way forward for a small business might be the very thing that fired you up at the start of your entrepreneurial journey: find out what people need and help them get it. Fast!

It’s never been easy to be a small business, and it’s even more difficult during the time of COVID-19. However, resilience, grit, flexibility, and speed go together.

The first rule of business is still essential: Establish what people need and give it to them.

COVID-19 has wholly disrupted the rules and priorities. These additional two rules are essential:

Rule 2: Speed wins! It’s no longer the big business that beats the small – it’s the fast that beats the slow. Fast is the new big.

Rule 3: You cannot communicate and connect enough with your clients and prospects. Just ensure that your content and offers are valuable and show that you care.