We are in the middle of the toughest double-edged recession of our lifetimes.

Your business is facing a crisis economy, one that is worse than the sub-prime mortgage meltdown created in 2008. It makes the 2008 crisis look like a picnic.

One of the critical things you should be focusing on right now is your Comeback Campaign.

Your Comeback Campaign is the business growth campaign that is going to bring you back into the market. To get the customers buying again and if done correctly, take you to a level beyond where you were before this crisis began.

The most important point about your Comeback Campaign is that you don’t leave it too late. This recession, as your competitors are finding out, will damage, if not destroy many businesses.

It would be best if you concentrated on and creating business growth activities that none of your competitors will have the foresight and insight to focus on.

Now you may be wondering, “Where do I start?”

I list and recommend a 3-step sales-boosting strategy that will get you going and growing in a crisis economy.

1. Improve your ability to communicate value

  • Make value a priority
  • At this time, businesses that amplify and grow value are more likely to increase revenue, have higher win rates, and retain and attract top sales talent.
  1. Win more against difficult competitors
  • Perfect your value proposition
  • Clarify your messaging
  • Differentiate yourself – make a compelling case why you’re the best choice.
  • Substantiate – present a strong case why the buyer should believe in you, your offering, your company and your ability to achieve desired results.
  1. Improve seller productivity
  • Nearly half of salespeople spend a significant amount of time on work-related mandatory and empty activities (non-client-getting activities).
  • Research highlights those extremely productive salespeople (who prospect better, see and speak to more clients) can generate up to 5.3X more sales revenue. Imagine the results if you leveraged this.

Focus on these three income drivers and your sales are guaranteed to grow. When you’re done, you’ll be armed with a creative, industrious, positive attitude in the face of hard times, the same hard times that cripple your competitors.

Do you need help to grow your sales?

I can help you with a 3-step plan to:

  1. Perfect your client value proposition
  2. Clarify your messaging
  3. Improve the productivity and impact of your salespeople

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