I call it the 90/10 formula, and when I started using it correctly, my sales results multiplied tremendously.

It’s quite apparent, but just about every business owner gets it wrong, so let’s fix that now.

When you’re selling anything, services, products, subscriptions, memberships, most people focus on what they are selling.

As the old, but still, useful marketing cliché goes, “Nobody buys a drill because they want a drill, they buy a drill because they want a hole”.

The HOLE is the valuable result or solution, and the drill is simply the tool used.

Too often we focus on the tool (what we sell) and not on the outcome or solution (result) when we should spend 90% of our time focusing on the RESULT and just 10% on the tool.

Find a way to make life better for the customer. The best way to sell is to solve.

Solving is selling.