One of the most popular kids learning songs is the Alphabet song. All kids learn this fantastic song as one of their earliest learning steps. I’m sure that you still remember the words. As an “old kid,” I decided to list what the letters mean to me after a lifetime in sales.
Here are my ideas for what we need to “do”, from A to Z. See if you agree with my list, and maybe you can add to it?
Availability. Essential so that your clients and prospects can reach you with questions, concerns, or re-orders. 
Believe in yourself, your product and your company, or find something else to sell.  
Commit to excellence.
Differentiate yourself. Stand out from your competition.
Education is for life. Commit to lifelong learning.  
Follow up efficiently and follow through.
Goals give you a reason to go to work every day. Set hairy big audacious sales goals.
Help out.
I is the least important letter in selling.  
Join industry, mastermind, and community groups.   
Know your competitors and their products and services as well as you know your own.  
Listen to your clients, or they’ll start talking to (and buying) from somebody else. 
Motivate others.
Networking is among the most important skills a salesperson can develop. Your network is your net worth.
Opportunities are everywhere. Keep both your eyes and mind open.  
Problem-solve! That is your job.
Quality can never be sacrificed if you want to keep your clients satisfied.
Relationships are everything. Invest in other people. Build rapport.
Service is spelled “serve us” in businesses that don’t want to go out of business. 
Trust is essential in doing business. The percentage of sales that you close is in direct proportion to the degree of trust that you gain.
Unleash your potential.
Value. Your job is to articulate and demonstrate value better than others.
Winning doesn’t mean beating everyone else. Win-win is an excellent business strategy.
Yes is a positive word. Develop a yes attitude.
Zeal is a critical element in your presentations, service, and life in general. Enthusiasm sells!

“Action conquers fear.” – Peter Nivio Zarlenga