Effective marketing requires 3-steps:

Step 1: Targeting the right market
Are you using high-probability target marketing that identifies only those most likely to respond?

Step 2: Communicating the right message
Is your marketing message compelling and irresistible?

Step 3: Using the right media
Are you using the most appropriate, effective combination of media to deliver your message to your market?

None of these three marketing steps can function without the others. Each feeds the others, and when they work together, it gives you enormous exponential marketing power.

But you can render your marketing powerless if you get any one or more of them wrong.

For example, you can deliver the right message to the right market, but if you use the wrong media, they will never get the message nor have a chance to act on it. Or, if you get the media and market right, but fail when it comes to the message – the right people will get what you have to say, it’s just not going to connect in the way it should.

Finally, the right message via the right media goes out to the world loud and clear, but there’s nobody out there to listen. You must get ALL three right.

Are you targeting the right market, creating the right message, and communicating via the right media?