The irony is not lost, in a world where social media has exploded, and “fake news” is rampant across news sites, what people feared would destroy print, is actually leading audiences back.

Print and print marketing offers the reader a stronger sense of credibility than online media: 

  • Printed materials are still very much an effective way of advertising and marketing a business. They allow people to visually and physically interact with your brand, in ways that no digital offerings will ever be able to replicate.
  • Print is tactile. There’s nothing quite like the touch of paper. Think of your favourite book. The smell of ink and paper improves the experience. You can never accomplish this on a digital medium.
  • There is scientific evidence that suggests that content on paper affects our brains in different and more powerful ways.
  • Print is credible. There is something about print that gives a sense of legitimacy. Online popups, banners, ads, can be overwhelming, and the fear of being spammed is enough to make people nervous about clicking. There’s no danger of being stalked or disturbed while reading print.
  • Research by Temple University in the USA suggested that print engages viewers for more time, caused more brain activity in areas associated with value and desire, and imprinted themselves more on the long-term memory.
  • Clutter is the enemy of effective marketing. The media landscape is a noisy, cluttered place, particularly online, where you are bombarded with ads from every direction. Print media, on the other hand, represents a relatively calm environment amid the frenzy and catches consumers at their most attentive.
  • Attention, please! Unlike banner ads, newspaper and magazine advertising reaches consumers in a moment they have set aside for reading. Studies show newspaper ads are viewed for 2.5 times longer than the average digital ad, suggesting readers are more receptive when engaging with print.
  • Print stands out. In an age when digital materials can get lost in the crowd, a visually stimulating and eye-catching printed work will always stand out.
  • It’s easy to scroll past all the digital adverts on your mobile device or find a different website if too many irritating popups, well, pop up. At the same time, print materials are more difficult to ignore.
  • Printed materials have a unique “staying power” compared to digital offerings, which with one click, tend to disappear quickly. A brochure, newspaper, or magazine, for example, can be on hand for reference purposes at any time.

While online marketing has its unique strengths and advantages, print is still a prime place to strengthen your brand with a tangible and memorable piece of marketing that can convey more than just an online banner (of which consumers ignore 99.3%). The smart marketer will integrate their online and print marketing strategies for a more well-rounded and impactful campaign.

Print can genuinely captivate an audience in a way that the digital world never will. The beauty of a well-designed double-page spread or your eagerly awaited centrefold poster stays with the reader, far more than an email linking to an e-zine. It can be torn out, hung up, saved, and treasured.

Is print dead? Think again.

Print media is alive and kicking. How are you using print to grow your business?