In 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion (+/- R462 billion).

When you divide that figure by the number of users LinkedIn had at the time, it means each user profile was worth about $60 (R1 058).

Now, let’s calculate what this could mean to you.

If you have 1 000 connections on LinkedIn, that means your profile is “worth” about R1 058 000, according to the Microsoft acquisition figures. You own a communication and client-getting asset worth over R1 million. And other than your time investment building this list it was provided to you for free.

At any moment, you have a one thousand person audience standing ready, and you are the keynote speaker.

The critical question is – are you using this valuable asset?

All business people can get a lot more money from their LinkedIn accounts by using it to attract and convert prospects.

Your LinkedIn profile is a virtual goldmine. Yet many sit there, using it as another passive social media channel.

The crazy thing is that you don’t have to spend that much time on it. And it means it’s exceedingly easy for your effort on LinkedIn to pay for itself in a short time.

I personally post twice a day, using it to build authority, credibility, trust, and finding consulting and speaking projects. I tend to check messages once a day.

My total time investment? Maybe fifty minutes a week (10 minutes a day). Sometimes a little more. So, I’m practising what I preach, but I should be optimising it more.

Business contacts frequently ask me: “How much time do I have to invest with LinkedIn to make it work?”

My answer? A minimum of fifty minutes per week seems about right. But if you want to get results a lot faster, you should aim for about thirty minutes per day.

I work each day with media companies, insurers, consultants, advisors, merchandise experts, property professionals and sports teams. I continuously find that they have failed to effectively leverage the world’s biggest B2B goldmine ever invented.

Even though Microsoft thinks connections are worth about R1 058 each, you acquired them for free.

Use this B2B goldmine to grow your business. Start today.