Today, I will show you how to write a strong promise using a simple 3-step formula that is guaranteed to improve your copy. And it will take you only 30-seconds to accomplish.

In a hyper-competitive world, you know that you must have a strong promise in your copy, or your products and services will remain invisible. I’m talking about promises made in your adverts, website, sales letters, emails, promotions and presentations etc.

But what’s the difference between a powerful promise and a weak one?

If you want a potent promise in your copy, answer these three simple questions:

Step 1: What does it do?
This will be the main benefit of the product or service you’re selling.

Step 2: How does it do it?
This will be your new mechanism that will help differentiate your solution from all the existing solutions in the marketplace.

Step 3: How fast does it do it?
Show your audience an easy, quick solution, and they will listen. People want instant gratification.

That’s it. Your marketing promise is more explicit and simplified.

Want an example? Go back to the first line of this article.

What does it do?

1. It will help you write a strong promise.


2. By following a simple 3-step formula.

How fast?

3. In 30-seconds.


Use this 3-step system next time you’re writing a product or service promise, and I guarantee your copy will convert into more sales. It will save you time, communicate with clarity, and make you more money.

Most businesses don’t have a product or service weakness, they have a problem with their messaging.

Improve your message, improve your sales. Happy writing.