Suppose your business has under-utilised capacity or inventory. In that case, an innovative bartering strategy can help drive top-line growth and increase cash flow.
Bartering lets businesses buy what they need without having to part with their precious cash. Instead, they pay with the products and services they already have. A company that’s sitting with idle capacity or inventory is taking a non-productive asset and offsetting it against a cash expense. This increases the company’s efficiency. Bartering businesses also gain new customers and save finance charges on purchases.
Look around at people you work with, want to work with, or you are fascinated with their business or products. What types of products or services do they need to make their lives easier? Where can you find those products or services? Can you find ways to trade products for products or services for services or variations of these?
Apply this to people you want to work with – help them out, and they will be forever grateful.

Get creative and use barter as a business-boosting weapon. Done right, barter gives you the effect of having almost unlimited capital.