If you want to improve on this past year’s results, you’ll need to improve on the marketing strategies, tactics and techniques.

The best way to do this is to ensure that you know precisely what is and isn’t working with your marketing and what to change. If a marketing activity is not working, you should either fix it fast or ruthlessly eliminate it.

You must avoid marketing complacency. Here are three ideas:

1. How many leads did your business generate last month?

Do you know what’s limiting the response to your marketing? Is your messaging to your market working? Are your designs and layouts effective? Is your website working? Is your business offering something different? How could you double your response rate?

2. Seek solutions

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel on your own. Ask for help from your team. If they don’t have the answer, seek out an expert.

3. Make small fixes every week

Improve your marketing each month by making small changes. Over time the small improvements will result in large incremental increases in sales.

2020 is nearly a miserable memory. We must believe that 2021 is filled with new possibilities and opportunities. Are you ready to grab them?

Plan now and be ready on the start line for 2021 success. Starting today, build better ways to help your clients and better ways to make more income.

To your success.