There are unlimited tactics, methods, and strategies on how to acquire new and more business. Salespeople tend to get stuck as a result. Some don’t even know where to start.

Inertia or lack of action is what hurts the revenue-generating prospects of salespeople most, and as a result the business suffers.

Forget about the endless lists.

Instead, repetitively focus on these critical THREE simple business development activities:

1. Outreach: reaching out to your ideal clients to start conversations.
2. Follow up: consistently following up with the prospects whom you are reaching out to.
3. Content: demonstrating your expertise and providing value by sharing what you know.

Show me the salesperson who does these three things daily with pig-headed discipline… and I’ll show you the sales professional who’s consistently winning new business and achieving their sales targets.

So, ask yourself:

• How many ideal clients have you reached out to today?
• How many of them have you followed up with today?
• How many words of content have you written today?

Measure and manage these three guaranteed business-boosting activities and watch your sales skyrocket.