“I want to die young at a ripe old age.” – Ashley Montagu

Does all success in life require an early start?
If so, does this mean many have lost their chance?
Not according to a man named Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s. I recently read that he launched the first branch of McDonald’s in 1955 when he was fifty-two. Mr. Kroc, who, until then, had achieved modest success and was plagued with poor health, decided to muster enough courage to get his newest idea off the ground. Kroc lived to see his iconic brand, which is instantly recognisable to young and old alike, spread all over the planet.
Next to Coca-Cola, the McDonalds brand is now the second most recognisable in the world. Here was a man at a late stage of his career, creating and realising a dream, which became a global business empire.
The story of Ray Kroc should serve as an encouragement to everyone out there. It is never too late in life to make an impact. If you dare to dream, then age and time is no obstacle. Age should not be used as an excuse for not achieving what you want in life. And yes, I believe it is possible to teach new tricks to older dogs.
The road to achieving your dreams won’t be an easy one, and you can expect many challenges and obstacles along the way. Especially two decades into the twenty-first century, many people are experiencing feelings of discontent and discomfort in the workplace. This may be due to economic slowdowns, downsizing, budget limitations, and stagnation in many workplaces.
These feelings and conditions won’t necessarily go away, either. I predict that how work is performed will remain in a constant state of reinvention and change. Technology, especially online commerce and globalisation, will continue to drive this change.
The good news, though, is that I also get a sense of a sharp rise in the entrepreneurial spirit of people, and believe that entrepreneurship will be the defining trend of the next decade.
Now is a great time to become your own boss; to take advantage of the changes in the workplace and the economy and pursue those dreams of owning your own business.

The challenge is to avoid mental obstacles and barriers. “Don’t be so lofty”, “It’s not wise to be so daring” and “What if you fail”, are the words that will challenge your resolve. Be careful. Even if they are not trying to, other people may deflate your dreams.
Like Ray Kroc, we need to create our dreams and our opportunities, not just in business, but in every area of our lives.
These big dreams keep us engaged with life’s endless opportunities and possibilities so that we don’t succumb to the natural temptation of old habits, fears, and frustrations.
These great goals are essential in our careers and vital in our lives. Time won’t wait for you. We have to get old, but we don’t have to think old.
It’s never too late to say “This is not how my story is going to end”
Remember, we only get one shot at this life; make the most of yours – now! 

“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.” – Paulo Coelho

An extract from my book Smart Thinking for Crazy Times