Why do entrepreneurs and managers hurt their chances of success?

I believe that it is through a lack of focus. They tend to chase fifty goals instead of merely focusing on five.

Stop making business growth harder than it needs to be. Stop spending too much time and energy on things that aren’t truly essential for growth.
I’m talking about things like logo design, creating business cards, uploading photos and videos to social media, writing the next client mailer, or trying to establish “brand awareness”.  
That’s why if you want to be successful in business you’re better off focusing only on the five mission-critical things and ignoring all the rest.
I believe there are only FIVE things required to grow your business. I refer to these as the Five Profit Pillars. Picture them as the foundational pillars of your business Parthenon.

Improve these five, and your business will thrive.
Don’t, and your business will get stuck.
So what are the critical Five Profit Pillars?
1. Personal Productivity and Leadership
2. Proper Strategic Planning
3. Resource Allocation
4. Effective Marketing
5. Proven Sales System
If you are currently optimally focusing on the Five Profit Pillars, congratulations and well done to you.

If not, it’s time to renew your focus and start moving the results dial.

Building a highly productive business machine isn’t about doing 1,000 things. It’s more about repeatedly doing 5 things exceptionally well 200 times.