While everything is about sales at the end of the day, my focus is 100% on RELATIONSHIPS and BUILDING RAPPORT.

I’m never asking, “How can I sell more?” Instead, I ask, “How can I improve and grow my relationships?” 

Human beings tend to like people who ask them questions because they like to hear themselves talk. It soothes them. Many research studies prove this. The more you show genuine interest in a person, the more likely they will find you interesting. This is the power of QUESTION-LED selling.

When you ask other people questions about their lives, business, and what is important to them, they begin to trust you and like you. You become a friend. And as a friend, you will sell 10x more than you are selling now.

So, if you want to sell more, do these THREE things:

  1. Focus on the relationship and not the sale.
  2. Concentrate on being interested, not interesting.
  3. Be authentic.

The goal is to make a CUSTOMER, not a SALE.

Make this mindset shift. Nothing will change your selling prospects faster.