Ask any recruiter about sourcing top-producing sales talent, and you’ll often hear the same old story: “the real challenge is just finding qualified candidates to interview”. There are plenty of C-players out there, but finding A-plus players, the real sales superstars who consistently achieve their targets, month after month, is the key.

I believe that a sales superstar can outsell a regular salesperson by 10 to 1.

In today’s economy, in any economy, you can’t afford to lose sales because of mediocrity in your sales force. What you want from sales professionals is top-notch performance.

Every successful business needs sales superstars. I want to share a few key ideas about recruiting sales rainmakers:

  1. Hire Slow – Fire Fast! Most companies do this the wrong way around and pay a massive price for this mistake. A sales champion will most likely present themselves expertly at a challenging interview.
  1. Good salespeople are FREE. If a sales superstar delivers way more income than they cost, then think about the concept that these talented people are “working for free”. This mindset will eliminate the stupid comment that business owners and managers make when they say, “we can’t afford him or her”.
  1. The paradox of point 2 is that poor salespeople are expensive. Think about it!
  1. You don’t attract sales rainmakers with boring adverts. Get rid of the poor applicants by bluntly stating, “if you don’t have a track record of achieving 200% over target, then we are not the company for you”. Your adverts must declare that you want champion achievers or they shouldn’t waste your time. This job ad will appeal to and challenge a sales superstar and discourage others.
  1. Always be recruiting. The moment you identify a sales champion, you must grab them. Keep your radar working as great young salespeople are found in strange places.
  1. How many sales superstars can you employ? Your business-boosting mindset should say that there is no limit. Imagine you could hire superstars that all contributed 10x or more income than what they cost your business. Then don’t diminish your potential results through self-limiting restraints: the more revenue-generating selling machines you can employ, the better.  

What are the traits of Sales Rainmakers:

  • They possess a healthy balance of ego and empathy
  • Position themselves as Trusted Advisors to their clients
  • Tenacious in the face of rejection
  • They are energetic, driven and self-motivated
  • Tireless prospectors
  • Outstanding networkers
  • They think like marketers
  • Curious about everything
  • Urgent in all communications
  • Outstanding presenters
  • Brilliant closers
  • Fanatical about follow-through

Employ enough of these sales rainmakers, and your business will fly. Employ average salespeople, and your business will, unfortunately, remain average.

The choice is yours!