I’m willing to bet that the reason for your lack of sales success is due to an ineffective prospecting plan. Or even worse, you or your team are doing very little or no prospecting.

Poor Prospecting = Poor Sales Results

I list a few ideas that, if implemented, will lead to more significant sales:

  1. Target your prospects

The foundation that underpins sales prospecting success is the strength of your list and the precision of your targeting. Make sure that your list is clean and ready to go before you start. Now you must work that list every morning with pig-headed discipline.

  1. Ensure that you create value with every touch

When you sell, no one wants to hear your pitch or your history. Your prospects are looking to see how you will enrich their lives. They want to know about the value, results and solutions that you will deliver.

  1. Make the right offer

When the client is ready to receive your offer, you must ensure that your offer demonstrates value and is constructed with utmost care. Many proposals fail at this point.

  1. Be resilient and be prepared to make more than one visit or proposal

It takes more attempts than most people think to get through to top prospects. It can often take five, seven, or even more touches to get through to someone. That number goes up and down across different industries. Most people give up after one or two attempts.

Follow these four steps, and you’ll be well on your way to prospecting success. At the very least, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of the sellers who don’t prospect at all.

Systematic prospecting is the most challenging part of sales but the most critical to achieving business success.

In every sales and marketing seminar I present, I always make this statement: