Let me tell you a secret that most marketers will never reveal.

It’s also a secret most top-level copywriters won’t tell you.  

The key to getting great results from sales copy hinges on LIST SELECTION far more than it does on the copy. Marketers and copywriters will tell you the copy or message is king.

The truth is If you have a great list, you can get great results from mediocre copy. If you have a lousy list, the best copy in the world won’t get you results.

As far as sales go, the marketing you use to attract your prospects has a significant impact on closing the sale. The better you are at generating high-quality, qualified leads, the better your sales will be.

Some people think you measure lead generation success by the number of leads you get. In rare instances, that may be true. In most cases, though, the quality of the lead is infinitely more important.

Your lead generation should do two things:

1. Attract good prospects
2. Dissuade unqualified prospects from responding

I’d rather have a handful of qualified leads to pitch to than a bucketful of unqualified people.
The QUALITY of your prospect list is key to your sales success.
How good is your list? Improve your list – grow your sales.