Do you currently work for a company? I list six specific ways you can differentiate yourself from the pack:

  1. Take the initiative. Are there essential tasks on your manager’s to-do list? Take on a project that no one wants to tackle but must get done.
  2. Build relationships across the company. People who get big things done are people who know others who can help.
  3. Show your love for the company. Surprisingly, not enough people go out of their way to show their commitment to a company and its values and goals.
  4. Build your skills. As you grow your knowledge in the area you want to move up, you will become an invaluable asset.
  5. Go the extra mile. Ultimately, the one quality most under your control is your effort. If you slack off, it shows, and you could be dismissed. But if you push yourself and go further than anyone else, that will guide and help you move up in the company.
  6. Sharpen your communication skills. Even a poorly written email message will reflect poorly on your skills, so keep it sharp, always.

It’s worth noting that a significant opportunity to differentiate yourself is when you help differentiate your company in the market. So it’s a double-dip of differentiation – you can improve both your standing and your company’s market position.  

This short article is for everyone who wants to live a fired-up life.

A fired-up person has a can-do attitude, contagious enthusiasm, endless optimism, a courageous heart, and remarkable perseverance.