Most people know Henry Ford as the founder of Ford Motor Company and the originator of the assembly line.

But Ford was also a master motivator.
One day he walked onto the factory floor carrying a tin of paint.

He marched to the middle of the room and painted a large number 6 right on the floor.
When the night workers came in, they asked what it meant.

Ford told them that it was the number of cars the day crew built. 

The following day he came in and learned the night crew had built seven cars. 

He then painted a 7 over the 6 that had been there. 

When the day crew asked about it, he told them that was how many cars the night crew had built. 

By playing the day crew off against the night crew, he substantially increased productivity for his factory.

There are two lessons:

1. Gamification like this is a great way to inspire and increase the effectiveness in sales or any other area of your business.

2. If you don’t measure, you cannot effectively manage. In addition, it helps grow sales and other measurements when the performances are visibly displayed. I recall my first sales job selling advertising. Each rep had to publicly list their sales against their monthly target on a large board each Friday morning. Boy, did this motivate you to be the best rep in the office!  

This works in any industry. 

Yet, few companies take advantage of this natural human tendency that plays a significant role in today’s culture.
Can you devise out-of-the-box productivity and growth ideas like this?