“You’re never too old to learn.” – Anonymous

A dear friend of mine wants to fulfil a lifelong dream and go and study music. On the surface of this idea, there’s nothing wrong, but she is in her fifties. When she starts her classes, there’s a good chance that most of her fellow students will be young enough to be her kids. I know that she’ll be the life of the class. She is a quick learner and will be popular with her fellow students.

The only challenge I foresee is when the class forms a band, we’ll have to carefully guide her dress sense (I hope she doesn’t read this!), but she will waltz through her studies for the rest. I’m confident that fulfilling her musical education and goals will give her a great sense of achievement. 

Think you’re too old to begin a new challenge or pursue a new idea? You aren’t. Being old is never a question of years. It is our attitude that determines our actual age. Have you stopped giving voice to the little child within you? Have you used your age as an excuse to close your mind to a new experience or a new challenge?

The opposite is true. Our age and life experiences are tremendous assets for us when we try something new. Opportunities are endless, so don’t use your age as an excuse not to pursue your dreams. Your life is a one-time deal, so make the most of it.

Is there something you’re not doing because of your age? If so, then just do it!

“When they tell me I’m too old to do something, I attempt to do it immediately.” – Pablo Picasso