1. When you’re feeling isolated

There are times when leading others is one of the loneliest jobs in the world; however, when you’re beginning to feel like it’s you against the world, you’re on the brink of some wrong moves. So be mindful when this occurs.

2. When you quit trusting your team members

Poor sales results, adverse and unexpected surprises, or project disasters can make you question the people you lead. Careful. This is when your inner-jerk appears.

3. When you keep changing your mind on crucial decisions

Your inability to stick to a decision invites confusion and frustration into the broader environment. Inertia is a leadership killer.

4. When you feel compelled to mislead your employees by hiding lousy news

5. When your primary emotion is anger

If you find yourself navigating your days with a growing sense of anger and frustration with everyone and everything around you, watch out. Build in the discipline and presence of mind to review your performance daily and identify those activities and behaviours that must be strengthened or eliminated.

In leadership, an ounce of SELF-REFLECTION is worth a pound of cure.