A good question is the single most effective thing you can do with a customer.

A well-phrased, appropriately-timed question is your most powerful sales tool. Period!
When you use a good question or a series of good questions, you penetrate your prospect’s mind and direct their thinking.

There is something in human beings that makes it almost impossible not to think of the answer when asked a question. I’m not sure whether it’s genetic or conditioned from birth to always think of the answer to a question.  

Here’s an illustration.  I’ll ask you a question, but I want you to not think of the answer. How old are you? If you’re like most of us, you thought of the answer, even after I indicated you shouldn’t.

Now, consider where the decision to buy your products or services takes place. It happens in the mind of your customer. A good question from you helps focus and shape the direction in which your customer’s mind works.

For example, suppose you’re shopping for a new car. The salesperson asks you, “Which is more important to you, good fuel economy, reliability or safety?”  Until asked, you haven’t thought of it that way. 

The salesperson’s question helps you understand what you think and directs your mind along a particular course. Now that you’re thinking along that line, the conversation naturally proceeds based on the first answer.

Similarly, you perform a service for your clients when you ask them good questions.

Your questions direct their minds along specific paths and help them clarify their thinking and needs.

Question your way to tremendous sales success

A good question is your best sales tool for collecting the information to help you successfully build a sale. Think of the questions that will help your team build relationships and sales.