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I’m usually brought in when:

• You urgently need marketing that stands apart from your competitors.
• Your business needs strategic help to clarify and develop your brand, communicate your core sales story, and connect with the right audiences through strategy, messaging, and design.
• You are seeking to create a team of proficient sales hunters laser-focused on bringing in new business.
• There is a concern that your sales team or sales management is operating in reactive mode, responding to rather than creating opportunities.
• Your sellers are being relegated to “vendor” status and getting commoditised (selling on price) instead of being perceived as consultants, value-creators, and professional problem-solvers.
• You require a marketing and sales strategy of preeminence.

How I Can Help Your Business?

I lead one hour, 90 minutes, half-day, or full-day sessions for sales teams or marketing and sales management.

These include:
Business Growth Workshop Facilitation I Sales Training I Keynotes I Seminars I Training Workshops I Breakout Sessions I Sales Leadership Retreats I CEO & Director Coaching

I speak on topics related to business growth, multiplying your marketing results, sales preeminence, optimisation, media mastery, differentiation, influence, and motivation. I customise each presentation to meet your organisation’s or industry’s specific needs and objectives.

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​“This is a man that you cannot afford to be without. He has an idea-a-minute mind and to my way of thinking, he is a cash-flow, marketing, and sales-generating machine. He promises results, and he delivers – each and every time I’ve asked him.”
Mark Clark

CEO, Admin+, Pet Underwriting, and Insurance Replace a Product.