John delivers customised real-world, immediately-usable, engaging, humorous and empowering content.

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Real-world, immediately-usable, engaging, humorous and empowering content.

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Do you need a speaker for your next industry or company event? John’s presentations range from one-hour keynotes to full-day training workshops, to leading and facilitating strategic business growth turnarounds.

Too many events feature speakers who merely bring hype without substance. But that actually does more harm than good to your company. Why? Because your audience is setting aside time from their busy schedules to attend your event. What they need most is content that engages, inspires, and delivers actionable strategies.

He has consulted and advised 62 different industries. Through the years, many seeking advice in the field of marketing, sales, business growth, strategy, and advanced thinking has asked John to speak. As a keynote or seminar speaker, he brings his passion, experience, along with a real desire to teach audiences how to move from inspiration to action.

You’ll always hear the latest trends, ground-breaking new ideas, and actionable strategies.

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Content Created To Help You Differentiate, Disrupt and Dominate

Looking for a seminar speaker or MC for your next company or industry event? John has spoken to rave reviews at events, seminars, and conferences across the globe. Every single presentation is customised for your company, your people, your customers, your industry, and your desired outcomes.

The most popular requested keynotes and seminar topics are:

  • From Crisis To Opportunity
  • 7-Steps to Building Your Powerful Brand Story
  • Small Changes – Big Profits
  • Sell Like Crazy
  • How to Fix Your Messaging so that Your Sales Skyrocket
  • Brand AID: Rebranding Strategies That Win New Business
  • The Power of One-to-Many Selling: How to sell more in 70 minutes than you usually would in a month
  • Magnetic Referrals – How to grow your business through Referrals
  • Sales Differentiation Your secret to winning more deals at the prices you want
  • Differentiate or Die How to differentiate your business in a crowded marketplace
  • Operation Domination: Arm Yourself Defend Your Territory Conquer Your Market
  • Essential Skills for the Street-Smart Negotiator
  • Smart Thinking for Crazy Times

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Testimonials from Seminar Attendees:

“I have attended numerous training seminars on marketing during my 22 years. Over the past few months, I have come to realise that the way we are doing things these days are just not giving the results we should be getting. I have been looking at a lot of different ways of doing things but just could not find anything that nailed it. Until yesterday!  JISLAAIK it was like a fresh Cape South Easter that just blew in a lot of fresh ideas and ways to do things differently. It blew my mind. Thanks a lot, you opened my eyes to a new way of looking at how we were doing marketing and what we are doing wrong. This was just AWESOME.” – Jan-Hendrik Stander, Marketing & Product Manager

“Just a short note to congratulate you on your motivational presentation at the NEDBANK lunch at Emperor’s Palace – it was possibly one of the most inspiring talks I have ever heard and I can assure you I have attended many, including NAR in the US.”  Stewart Marshall, Stewart Marshall Properties

“Thank you for your brilliant presentation on marketing strategy. Your seminar was very inspirational. I hope to hear more of your talks in the future. Every time I have a dip, I will remember your words and remove the words, ‘no’, ‘but’ and ‘impossible’, among other negatives, from my vocabulary and thinking!” – Debbie Williams

“WOW!!! Is ALL I can say about your talk Rainmaking made Simple…. it was SO INSPIRING – thank you very much!!!” – Naggie Dreyer

“What an AMAZING PRESENTATION!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it today. Well done! I’m sure that all who attended will be in another space going forward.” – Lionel Hillermann 

“I’m grateful that I was able to attend your most insightful presentation today. I can honestly say that you had me riveted, not like many of the motivational speakers I have listened to over the last 25 years in this industry.” – Ian Beaumont

“Your presentation was outstanding. It is both practical and implementable. – Edgar Blomeyer 

“Thank you for all the mind-blowing marketing ideas.” – Suresh Jagesur

“Your ability to present the subject in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable presentations I have ever attended.” – Albert Smith

“Thank you for a stunning presentation yesterday. Giving us a peek into our industry through the ideas of a strategist and marketer was simply jaw-dropping, and made complete sense.” – Sharon Dell

“Thank you for an inspiring and awesome presentation.” – Prem Singh

“Thank you very much for a much informative workshop! It was worth every second.” – Tendai Kuwana

“I would like to thank you for your inspiring seminar. It all makes so much sense.” – Koseelan Padayachee

“A big thank you for your sensational presentation at the IEASA Road Show in Durban today. Gripping stuff!” – Rod Hall

“Thank you for the awesome presentation on Guerrilla Marketing.” – Rob Scrooby

“Thanks for your brainstorming session yesterday at the Randpark Golf Club. You opened up my mind to how advertising should be done.” – Alf Barlow

“Your presentation tilted my world a little off its axis this morning.” – Jacqueline Kinnear

“I was blown away by your presentation.” – Thami Ndlela

“The training has gone down an absolute treat with the agents and the electric atmosphere in the office following your sessions is outstanding. I feel that the agents will certainly take some valuable lessons away from your sessions.” – Mike Greeff, CEO, Greeff Properties

“Of all the speakers we have had in the past few months I certainly put you ‘TOPS’ – very interesting and extremely motivating. I look forward to our next session with you. Thank you for a great training session.” – Vilma Gruneberg, Greeff Properties

“Just a short note to say thank you for THE BEST workshop I have ever attended. Not only have I learned to BELIEVE that I can now write my future, but I am also COMMITTED to being the best in what I do and I will LIVE UP to this commitment! It was an astonishing experience and I strongly believe that every person needs this training and inspiration. Huge appreciation for this amazing opportunity. I am sure that the fruits born from this experience are going to dazzle our clients. All the best and I trust that there are many more experiences like this to come.” – Almarie Gouws, BetterBond 

“I would like to thank you for an AWESOME learning experience. Having spent the last three days in training with you has certainly changed my mindset, about my career AND life in general. I am charged and feel strong knowing that I am armed with the right ammunition to conquer the world!! All I have to do is USE what you have engraved. My wish is that all willing and able South Africans may have an opportunity to learn from you…. We will have a nation with gratitude, positive attitude, MOVERS and SHAKERS, and NO NOPEY’S!!” – Cecilia Pretorius, BetterBond

“Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise with our small group of publishers.  We came away armed with so many tools for our businesses, but on a personal note it was so good to come away feeling so optimistic about what is in store for us in the future!” – Caroline Richter, The Meander Chronicle

“I was one of the privileged delegates at your ‘Smart Marketing in Crazy Times’ seminar. I booked this seminar with a skeptical attitude, expecting again to be told what to do, but never HOW. Thank you for showing me the HOW TO part and for changing my attitude and thinking to a more ‘out of the box’ approach.  I would highly recommend your approach to any business as I walked away from your seminar last week feeling refreshed and ready to take up a whole lot of new challenges in building and maintaining my client base.” – Carmen Papenfus, Celeritas Recruitment Consultants

“Your ‘You!… Unlimited’ seminar was awesome. You have an amazing talent for blending spirituality with practicality. I learn something new each time I hear you speak. Any agent or salesperson who hasn’t yet heard you talk can’t imagine what they’re missing.” – Samantha Du Toit, Jack Russell Estates

“Having had the opportunity of attending a sales conference outside of my own country, at which John Lloyd was the motivational speaker, I was highly impressed by his professional approach and by the tremendous impact of his presentations. I feel strongly that not only business people but professional sportsmen too shall find great benefit from these sessions.” – Hans Lederman, owner, Leveco, Switzerland (former Olympian cyclist and world-record holder and World Championship Medalist)

“WOW! That was a GREAT seminar. Thanks for sharing your expertise today. I have learned a lot and I’m even more inspired to go out there and sell.” – Carike Barnard, Volksblad

“Thank you for your brilliant motivational presentation at the OR Tambo Protea Hotel last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Anita Thorburn, Leapfrog Property Group

“I loved your presentation at our convention, thank you for taking the time to raise our spirits again.” – Nawaal Israel

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation at the Property.CoZa roadshow.” – Helen Hoekstra